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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tuesday's Tips - Firefox Addon Snap Links

As I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to things like software and gadgets I decided to share a tip or a new find each week on a Tuesday. They may not be designed for a genealogy use but I will show how I use them to support my research work.

Now if I've lost you at Firefox add on then here's a bit of background. Basically, to look at the internet you use a browser. For years I thought you had to use Internet Explorer as that was the browser installed on most computers. Then I discovered you could use other browsers e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome etc. I have tried them all to various degrees over the years but Firefox is my current browser of choice.

The cool thing about Firefox (and Chrome) is that you can download addons/extensions that do neat little tricks for you while surfing the web.

One that I struggle without is Snap Links.

This is a brilliant thing that allows me to highlight a list of links and opens each one in a brand new tab. Why is that so useful? Let me show you!

Here we have the results of a search for James Tillin on Census records in Ancestry

The yellow area is full of clickable links to results in each census database.
I could right click on each link in turn and select "Open in New Tab" but this would take a good minute or so and be quite repetitive

Instead what I do is right click and drag with my mouse to highlight the area containing links.

The green dotted line shows the area I've selected while the red boxes highlight all the links. It also tells me how many links I'm about to open. Then when I lift my finger off the mouse it opens up a new tab for each link as shown below.

I use this every single day and find it so useful.

Do you have any extensions or addons you can't live without?

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