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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: Postcard Book Page 4

So after a whirlwind trip around India we're now into Europe. (For more Postcard posts please click on the postcard label at the bottom of this post.)


Here's page 4 of the postcard book

The top postcard shows West Street in Fareham.

This card was actually posted!! It was postmarked Fareham, 14th October 1911. It was addressed to Mrs Dodds, No 8 A 8 Ward, Chelsea Hospital for Women, Fulham Road, London. I can't quite read the message but it uses initials rather than names and seem to be wishing Mrs Dodds well. It is signed from A K. There is a postcard of the Chelsea Hospital for Women at around this time on the Chelsea Then and Now Blog .

The next card has a description of "Taranto - R. C.T. Impavido, Impetuoso, Intrepido, Insidioso,, Irrequieto, attraversano Il Canale Navigabile" which appears to be italian.

Google translate tells me that this means "Taranto - R. C.T. Undaunted, Impetuous, Intrepid, Insidious, Restless, through the Waterway",  It's blank on the back so not sure what this postcard is about.

The final postcard shows the Chateau de Walzin in Belgium.

On the back it would appear that this was sent from Bruges and it is postmard 29th July 1912. It was sent to Mrs Hogg in Fareham. The sender hasn't written their name but explains that they are leaving for Brussels and then will be contactable at the Grand Hotel in Knock-sur-Mer in West Flanders.

This collection of cards does seem to be quite eclectic - I wonder where the next page of cards are from??

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