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Friday, 6 June 2014

5 on a Friday - Genealogy and History videos on YouTube

Welcome to my new feature on the blog "5 on a Friday"  where each week I'll share 5 genealogy-linked things that I've found.

Full Circle Family History - 5 on a Friday - #genealogy Youtube videos

This week I'm going to share 5 you tube videos that I've enjoyed watching this week

This is a quick video with tips for using Baptism records from

An hour long video about Farmers and Labourers in Northern Ireland giving some background to my family history. (This is part of a series that I'm hoping to watch in the future).

Here Brian Bouchard shares how he uses Onenote for his genealogy.

The Society for One Place studies held their monthly hang out last week which includes a fascinating discussion about the servicemen who came back from WWI and how they tried to settle back into civilian life. (EDIT: Here's some follow up information and extra links)

And this is a bit of fun - watch how the countries of Europe have changed over the last 6,000 years or so

I hope you enjoy watching them? Have you come across any good youtube videos recently?

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