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Friday, 13 June 2014

5 on a Friday - Genealogy Facebook Groups

This week I've decided to share 5 Facebook Groups that I find really useful for Genealogy.

Facebook groups can be open, closed or secret. An open group is one where anyone can join and post to, a closed group is one where you need to send a member request to see the postings in the group and a secret group is one that you only know about if you are specifically invited.

All groups have their own rules and these are usually found at the top of the page. Be sure to check the files tab at the top of the page for lots of resources.

The Organized Genealogist - this is a closed group - lots of tips and discussions about organising genealogy.
Share your tips and tricks for organizing your genealogy. Links to products and services are acceptable. Let's all work together to get better organized!

Coleraine Branch of The North of Ireland Family History Society this is an open group and full of helpful people and tips about this area of Northern Ireland
An information page for the activities of The Coleraine Branch of The North of Ireland Family History Society

Genealogy Bloggers  this is a closed group - really useful if you have a blog.
A group of genealogy blogging friends, another way to connect, ASK questions about genealogy, research, anything really! :) We are an informal group who share information ALSO if you have any genealogy brick walls, feel free to post them here. One of the qualifications to join the group is a current interest in genealogy, history, blogging or any combination of those.

Kindle for Genealogy this is a closed group - do you have a kindle? This group is a great place to find out about genealogy and family history books - sometimes free ones!
Passionate about Genealogy? Passionate about your Kindle? Discuss genealogy uses for your Kindle or Kindle Fire. What apps do you use? Recommend genealogy books.

Ancestry UK this is a closed group - it's not anything to do with but people do ask questions about it and everyone is helpful
A place for people to gather and ask questions, gain advice and share stories and pictures about their family history in the UK. 

I have another list to share in another week - facebook groups should definitely part of your genealogy toolkit. Do you belong to any?

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