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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tuesday's Tip - How I use... Facebook for Genealogy

I think I should own up that it's very rare if I have a day where I don't visit Facebook - I use it to find out what's happening, organise events, catch up on reading, keep in contact with friends and family - the list is endless. So, this week I've decided to share how I use Facebook for genealogy following on from last week's post about how I use Twitter for genealogy.

Facebook is a social networking service where you have a personal profile, connect with friends and receive updates on all sorts of interests.

I have been using Facebook since 2007 and it's changed quite a lot in the last 7 years and now it seems odd to think about not using it everyday.

The most obvious way to use it for Genealogy is the groups - I have listed some of my favourite groups in my 5 on a Friday list last week. Groups are a great source of information and a way to communicate with like-minded people all over the world. There's an interesting post about using Facebook groups at the Young and Savvy Genealogists blog. They can be specific to a place or country or topic or anything!. There is a list of genealogy groups here - just download the file and follow the links.

You can follow the different providers such as Ancestry or FindMyPast on their pages. This is how I find out the latest record set updates or offers on subsciptions. Or find pages on places that you'd like to visit or where your ancestors lived.

Many blogs have facebook pages too  - including my own - often this is just a place to keep track of blog posts but sometimes they have different content and you can get in touch with the blogger directly if you want to. 

You can also find people on Facebook. This is not an area I have tried out but I know that other people have found this useful. Using the search function you can look for people with a particular surname, for example, which may be useful for your one name study or to find long lost cousins.

You could set up your own page or group for your family history - they can be restricted to the people you want to see it - and then use Facebook as a place to share stories and photos with your friends and family.

It's a useful way to put out a call for help or advice too. If you've hit a brickwall in your research why not post a question on a group or just on your timeline -  you never know who might be able to help.

On Pinterest I have a Genealogy and Facebook board where I pin tips.

Are you on Facebook? How do you use it? Why not pop over, say hello and like my page?

Come back next Tuesday when I'll be looking at how I use spreadsheets for Genealogy.

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