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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tuesday's Tip - How I use... Pinterest for Genealogy

I have used Pinterest for the last couple of years for things like shoes, bags, decorating ideas or productivity tip but recently I have discovered that it is a great genealogy resource and a place to keep track of interesting family history finds on the web.

Full Circle Family History - How I Use Pinterest for Genealogy

If you've not heard of Pinterest then it's basically an image based virtual pinboard for ideas, articles, thoughts that you see on your travels around the internet.

The fun thing about Pinterest is discovering other people's boards as you go along - this is how I've discovered new websites, new sources, new blogs or new techniques. There is a huge amount of information out there and this is a new way to find it. There's a search function so you can find things of interest and then as you start to follow people your stream of images will fill up and you can discover more.

Here are a few of the boards/pinners that I follow:

Recently I decided to create some Full Circle Pinterest boards as a way to keep track of all the things I find on the internet.

My plan was to be as focused as possible with my boards - rather than have one huge one with 1000's of pins on it and to date I have 50-something boards.

All of the boards have a genealogy theme of some sort (although sometimes the links are a bit tenuous!) and I've initially based them on my internet bookmarks. They have grown as I've discovered things on Pinterest and repinned them to my boards. I particularly like to find pins on organisation.

For example I have a board for Genealogy in Bedfordshire that started as a direct copy of links to websites that I'd already highlighted as useful in my internet browser (Firefox if you're interested) and then as I find interesting sites I will continue to add them.

But Pinterest is more than  a place to store a list of links - it's very visual so that's why I have some boards that are just pretty to look at - for example my Art board.

And sometimes I just look at the jokes/funnies that float around - you'd be amazed how much genealogy humour there is.

So are you on Pinterest? Do you have any favourite boards? What sort of boards would you like to see on Pinterest?

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  1. I love Pinterest, maybe a little too much as I could waste hours on it. I use it for Place of Research Interest, Genealogy Websites and more. I enjoy the humor ones, too.

    1. Hi Brenda, I know exactly what you mean about wasting hours on it - I'm sure I've spent more time looking at pins on how to do things than actually doing them sometimes! I'll pop over and take a look at your boards.
      Happy pinning and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for this timely post Brenda, I'm still learning and trying to decide if Pinterest is going to be useful to me or yet another social media time thief. But I am a visual person and the boards are so beautiful...*sigh*

    1. Rorey, there are definitely some beautiful boards out there.
      As I said in the post I find Pinterest useful as a memory tool for me and a way of discovering new content so why not give it a go?
      Good luck with your boards

  3. It was great to find your blog. I'm also on pinterest and will follow you on pinterest. I have over 60 boards on pinterest about Genealogy. Have two major blogs; one I started this year. Maybe we should follow each other.